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Excavator Bucket


Standard Bucket:

Product Feature:
Large bucket capacity, large open area;
Large stowing surface, and accordingly high coefficient of fullness;
Made of top quality structural and high strength steel;
the adapters are made of domestic top quality materials;
Save working time;

Digging of soft work condition etc.


Hydraulic Tilt Bucket:

Product Feature:
With all features of the C series buckets, but can be tilted to left and right to finish more difficult work;
Tilting Angle:45°
Changeable cutting edge.

Slope-surface trimming, waterways dredging, water ditching, etc.


Hydraulic Grab Bucket:

Product Feature:
With all features of the Four-in-one bucket;
The front part can be opened by using hydraulic cylinders;
Can grab the object directly.
Tilting Angle:63°
Turning Around time:4 seconds

Ideal for trimming, digging and grabbing at the same time.


4 in 1 Bucket:

Product Feature:
Integrates the functions of loader, excavator and forklift, can complete operations of shoveling, digging, pushing, clipping, and loading.

Widely applied to municipal construction, landscaping, power station, forests, building construction, etc.


Heavy Duty Bucket:

Product Feature:
On the basis of S series, high-stress and wearing parts are made of high-strength wearable steel; Adapter is a world-famous SBIC product;
Inherit all advantages of S series, and greatly improve strength and wearability.

Digging of hard soil, soil mixed with soft stone, loading of gravel, broken stone, etc.


Ripper Bucket:

Product Feature:
Installed high strength ripper teeth with strong digging capacity;
Convenient for digging and loading at the same time for high efficiency.

Digging and breaking of hard earth, sub-hard stone and land waste.


Trapezoidal Bucket:

Product Feature:
Variety of widths and shapes,such as triangle and trapezold,ect;
High efficiency for one-time shaped work.

Water conservancy.Roads and highways.Agriculture and pipe ditching.


Clamshell Bucket:

Product Feature:
The clamshell can be opened and closed directly by the hydraulic cylinders;
Strong digging strength;
Especially good for a restricted working space.

Foundation ground digging, chasm digging, loose materials loading, such as earth and sand, etc.


Thumb Bucket:

Product Feature:
A "thumb" is installed to prevent stuffs falling out from the bucket;
Able to grab objects directly;
Practical and safe on lift-up loading.

Where need to reduce the possibilities of stuffs falling out from the bucket.


Rock Digging Bucket:

Product Feature:
The bottom t is in double-arc design, to increase clearance space at the heel and reducing abrasion;
A gap adjustable sleeve device is used at the connection with the bucket bracket;
Made of Swedish HARDOX super high strength wearable steel, extending the duration by several times;
The teeth and the adapter are made of the world-famous MTG product and SBIC product.
They maximize products’ reliability, excavation performance and economical efficiency;
Greatly reduce the time and cost of maintenance, greatly improve the working efficiency and shorten the working time.

Digging of earth with hard rock, sub-hard stone and land waste, heavy work such as digging and loading of solid rock, blasted ore, etc.


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