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Hydraulic Hammer & Breaker

Hydraulic hammer is the modern descendants of pile drivers.Pile driver is mechanical devices used to stake piles into the ground to lay the foundation for buildings.The advent of diesel,hydraulics,and pneumatics helped deliver the force needed to drive piles into the ground and accomplish larger construction projects.


Hydraulic hammers have versatile applications in the construction,
demolition,metal forging,quarry,and piling industries.As a pile driving device,hydraulic hammers drive piles into the soil by traveling in cycles of forward and reverse directions.The travel of hammer stops while the digging tool is raised and allowed to free fall.
Once it impacts the surface,the hydraulic hammer resumes travel to break up the surface.
The force of the impact is regulated by factors such as ram weight,ram stroke,operating pressure,flow rate,hammer weight and dimensions
,energy output,and dimensions of the guide pipe and guide claw.


Hydraulic hammers can be mounted on the end of a movable boom and be used for breaking rock and concrete.They can be powered by a dedicated diesel engine or off the extractor's own diesel engine if mounted as a boom attachment.They are various,interchangeable hammer bits available,such as asphalt cutter,moil point,sheet driver,
chisel point,tamper,pile driver,or blunt that can be outfitted to customize drive function. Hydraulic Hammers are more freindly than other hammers because they generated less noise and pollutants.
They are preferred in areas sensitive to vibration and noise since the use of vibratory hammers may otherwise distrupt the stability of existing structures or audibly disturb communities.


Hydraulic hammers
are available in 12 different sizes to fit mini excavators and up to 50 Tons Machines.Most models in stock and we offer world wide shipping.

Our hydraulich hammer for the following machines:
Caterpillar;Kubota;Takeuchi:Komatsu:Hitachi;Kobelco;JCB,Bobcat;Case; Hyundai;Daewoo,Neusen;New Holland and Yanmar.

At the same time,we can supply the OEM and customized service too!


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