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Hydraulic Tilt Quick

The quick hitch provides an immediate safety system that is totally independent of the primary locking mechanism. This functionality provides instant safety prior to activating the primary lock.
The attachment is latched to the quick hitch and can only be removed when the operator releases the safety knuckle. This ensures that the safety knuckle is in use for the maximum possibleperiod of time.
Due to the large number of excavator makes and models available worldwide, it is not possible to provide a rigid set of installation instructions that will cover every situation. It is, therefore, extremely important that the installation be carried out by properly skilled persons,preferably with past quick hitch installation experience.
It is essential that the operation and maintenance instructions are followed carefully to ensure safe and reliable operation of the quick hitch at all times. Failure to do so could result in serious injury and invalidate warranties.
This manual contains the installation and operation instructions for the I-Lock quick hitch. If the quick hitch you are about to fit or operate is not the I-Lock, please refer to the separate manual.



Fits standard buckets and attachments
Simple to fit - supplied ready to use
Requires hydraulics
Fast,easy bucket changes
Reduces wear and abuse on bucket pins,bushes and dipper end

Our quick hitch is for the following machines:
Case; Hyundai;Daewoo,Neusen;New Holland and Yanmar.

At the same time,we can supply the OEM and customized service too!


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