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Undercarriage Parts

Spare Parts.


Track Chain are hardened for long life and excellent seal-ability.They(for all bulldozers and excavators) are forged with medium carbon steel that allow deeper heat-treating.

This is important because it helps keep the pins and bushings from loosening even in severe applicationgs.Our Track links have a surface hardness of Rockwell C 53-56,a case depth hardness of Rockwell C45(from 6mm to 14mm depending on size).

Track Chain More Details
Idler Assyare made in two main manufacturing concepts;steel casting and fabricated by electic welding process.Our comprehensive experience in manufacturing technique ensures the durability and toughness of its front idlers.

Harness of running rail surfaces is Rockwell C54,and Rockwell C40 measured at a depth of 4mm to 8mm depending on size of the section.The products are supplied as fully sealed and lubricated assemblies from the factory,up to complete idler groups.

Idler Assy More Details
Sprocket is made out of cast steel with reinforced geometry at stressed sections,undergo accurate machining and induction hardening process specifically tailored to the different sizes.This allows perfect interchangeability and superior wear resistance.

In both cases,the teeth are subject to an induction hardening process that gives them a surface hardness of Rockwell C54,with a case depth of 4mm to 8mm depending on size,at Rockwell C40.

Sprocket More Details
Segment Group are hardened for improved wear resistance.This important feature allows long wear life,resistance to bending and breakage,and maximum hardware retention.

The segment surface hardness is rated Rockwell C50-53 whereas the core hardness is rated Rockwell C45.

Segment More Details


Track roller are specifically designed,engineered and manufactured for applications requiring high load resistance.

Dozer rollers are designed for applications that call for the maximum wear resistance. Surface hardness of Rockwell C52-56,and inner surface hardness of Rockwell C35-38..

Track Roller More Details
Carrier Roller is high performance and reliability in all working conditions,with long life and freedom from maintenance assured by a highly efficient lubrication system.
Surface hardness of Rockwell C52-56,and inner surface hardness of Rockwell C35-38..

Carrier Roller More Details.

Track Shoe is managed production process by a specific area computer,which supervises the PLCS(programmable logic controller) that control the plant's various operating units.

The Latest heat treatment processes and metallurgical technology ensure track shoes give outstanding service life under the most abrasive and difficult conditions.Depending on size and profile type,the surface hardness varies from Rockwell C37 to C49. .

Track Shoe More Details

Recoil Spring is made of chrome silicon,which provides hardness and superior performance at extremely high stresses.

Recoil Spring More Details


Track Adjuster is assembled of U-yoke and recoil spring,which provides hardness and superior performance at extremely high stresses.
Download Catalogue for Hydraulic Hammer.

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